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Birthdate:Sep 6
Name: Sebastian Hiram Shaw
Age: 49
Birthday: November 3rd, 1963
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Blue
Height: 6'3
Weight: 212 lbs
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, United States
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Divorced
Profession: Founder and Chairman of Shaw Enterprises, Black King of the Hellfire Club
Family (notable): Shinobi (son, 21)

Superhuman Abilities: Sebastian Shaw has the ability to absorb kinetic energy and metabolize it in order to increase his physical attributes. Any blow against him, including projectile attacks, electricity and physically-based energy attacks are absorbed and used to increase his physical abilities. His limits of strength are vast, and he is capable of overpowering even very powerful superhuman beings. His ultimate lifting power is somewhere in the 100-ton range. It is unknown if he could ultimately gain enough energy to overpower incredibly powerful beings like the Juggernaut or the Hulk.

Sebastian's speed, reaction time and other physical traits are increased to superhuman levels as well, not as spectacularly as his strength and durability, however. It is possible to overload his abilities, which causes unconsciousness, but the amount of energy required would be singularly enormous. For example, impact by a handgun round causes only insignificant pain for him with no reserves of power, and will be barely felt at all if he is full of power. His abilities also allow him to forgo sleep for up to 72 hours with no negative effects on congition or physical processing, although eventually his body does require sleep. He appears capable of recovering from any physical damage he sustains unusually quickly- a black eye might disappear in a few hours rather than days. A broken bone, if properly set, will heal in as many days as it would take weeks for a normal person.

Sebastian has has the ability to selectively determine how much kinetic force he puts behind a punch. If he chooses to drain his reserves significantly or totally in a single blow, it can be astonishingly powerful.

Other Skills/Abilities/Resources: Sebastian is a highly intelligent, clever and subtle individual with enormous aptitude in business and politics, though he prefers to exercise his political influence from afar. He has considerable talent as an engineer, though for the most part, he has stayed out of the direct field in order to supervise his vast empire. He is an enormously wealthy man, worth in excess of $40 billion, controlling Shaw Enterprises and owning significant tracts of invaluable New York real estate.

Even without his superhuman powers, Sebastian is an extremely athletic and powerful man who has a solid knowledge of boxing, wrestling and judo techniques, often surprising opponents with his speed and skill. He also has the skill of goading enemies on, their blows only increasing his power.

Personality: Sebastian in many ways has a personality one might expect from an eighteenth-century enlightened despot. He has a powerful air of authority and expects those under his charge to respect it. For those that have proven themselves to him, he is generous and can even be rather paternal. Those who disrespect him or stand in his way will rapidly lose favor and may even become enemies of his. For the most part, he stands somewhat distantly from others, though he does have a few confidantes.

Towards his enemies, however, he has no mercy or quarter and will stop at nothing to undermine or destroy them. However, in this, he is a patient man and capable of holding back his wrath if it suits his purposes.

His relationship with his biological son, Shinobi is fraught with difficulties, mostly due to Sebastian’s enormous scorn for his underachieving, hedonistic and effeminate son. Sebastian gladly sent the boy out to study in Europe three years ago and has hardly heard of him since. Overall, he considers the half million or so he sends as tuition and spending money a year to be a fair price for keeping the boy well away from him.

For employees of his, whether at Shaw Enterprises or at the Hellfire Club, he tends to project the image of the benevolent dictator. He runs a tight ship, but tends to be generous to his charges- wages at the Club are higher than is typical for the industry and those who serve the Club find their lives eased in many different ways.

Sebastian was born into a family that once held high station, but had fallen far in the last few generations, into the working class. It was expected that Sebastian, too, would grow up into a factory worker like the last few generations of Shaw, but Sebastian had other ambitions. Studying relentlessly through school, he gained a full scholarship to MIT, studying engineering and business administration. It was at this time that Sebastian discovered his mutant powers, after being attacked by hooligans out to keep the young man "in his place". As it turned out, their blows not only didn't harm him, but only made him stronger.

He would supplement his studies with secretive appearances in underground fighting rings, gaining money and notoriety while he similarly impressed his professors at his studies. It was at school, however, that he first attracted the attention of a wealthy energy magnate, Henry Leland Sr., who would become his mentor in the business world. Sebastian would become best friends with his son, Harry, a friendship that has endured to the present day.

It was with Leland's blessing and one million dollars of his money, that Sebastian started Shaw Industries, first working with a tiny handpicked staff and serving as much as a consultant as a manufacturer. It took only a year for Sebastian to be able to repay the loan and start up a small factory in his hometown of Pittsburgh. By the time Sebastian was thirty, he was a billionaire and Shaw Industries had become one of the top five manufacturing concerns in the country.

It was as he became more and more successful, that Sebastian was introduced, formally, to the Hellfire Club. The current leader of the Club, Ned Buckman, wished to fund a new wave of Sentinels and needed Sebastian's expertise and funding in order to accomplish the deed. However, the Sentinels were ultimately sent to murder Sebastian and his lover at the time, a teleporter named Lourdes Chantel, who perished in the attack. Unfortunately for Buckman, however, Sebastian had gathered powerful allies and was able to launch a coup in which Buckman was slain.

Sebastian then became the undisputed master of the Hellfire Club and dedicated it to a new mission, to foster a mutant aristocracy capable of quietly dominating the world. He and his allies have made impressive progress in this direction already.

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